Publicans, Republicans, and Pro Publica

JordanCornblog On the HillWell, I’ve written the title, so now I need to offer the content! First – on the “publicans” front … HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew (two of my favorite publicans … using the term loosely and in its spirits-related sense) are still in Florida. This time last week I’d have been waking to a glorious spring day at their place … one that would include a morning walk to top of the hill behind their house, some serious wood stacking, lots of catching up, and of course, some beer-tasting!


Gazing Up Hopbrew HillLast Friday night at HollyCornblog’s, soon after I arrived, I got an education in single-hop brewing and brews. We sampled some of their new brews as well as some single hop beverages from here and there. It was remarkable to note the very different qualities that different types of hops bring.

Saturday, after our work was done, we sat in front of their crackling chiminea, sampling some hopped up confections from around the country … and gazing up at the hill from below … while evening clouds rolled in, shadows lengthened, and apple blossom scent wafted down from the old, hillside orchard. Stay tuned for more on my visit … including a tour of some nearby castles!

McCain in LoveOn the Republican front … the misleadingly soft-spoken Pastor Huckabee is making the sorts of disgusting comments that one expects from right-wing pastors speaking at NRA conventions. Meanwhile, John McCain should own that he has changed his tune on Hamas … and maybe explain why (what a thought)! But given the amount of cognitive dissonance he is able to tolerate (as evidenced by this picture) I doubt we’ll be hearing any clarification from that corner of the world!

Finally, I am reading, this morning, about a new news organization – Pro Publica – whose mission is to pursue “Journalism in the Public Interest.” This non-profit is geared to launch later this spring and aims to address the dearth of real investigative reporting in this country. I hope it launches soon – if it performs as advertised, it’ll be a wonderful addition to the news world (and JordanCornblog’s links)!

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