Oh. Go Ahead, John … Kiss Him!

Go ahead, John … Kiss Him!Gary Hart has written (on the Huffngton Post) an excellent piece on John McCain and al Qaeda. He laments that the erstwhile maverick seems to have succumbed to the siren song of power … leaving his brain and his moral compass in the dirt. “If John McCain seriously believes we are at war with al Qaeda in Iraq, that alone is such a serious error in judgment as to rank him with George W. Bush at his worst and therefore disqualify him from any chance to govern this country.” Here, here!

HollyCornblog’s adventures in Florida continued yesterday with an “alligator tour.” Sounds lovely, huh? Well, it was a more slimy and squirmy affair than even I had imagined …Alligatorsas you can see in this photo. This is just a tad too close for comfort, in my book! HollyCornblog said that they all started bellowing at one point – a bizarre and unsettling sound. I’m sure there’s a nice slot in my subconscious where an experience like that could lodge … and then haunt me for decades of 3AM’s!  So, away from these gators and on to pleasanter fare!

CastlesAcross the road from HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew’s house is a truly magical spot. Her neighbor … who shall remain nameless … is a very creative and industrious individual who has, in his spare time (over many years) created an amazing array of castles.

I remember when I was first told about them, many years ago, I thought, “Oh yeah … wow. There goes HollyCornblog, exaggerating again!” 😉 But in truth, nothing she said actually did justice to the place. It’s a wonderful combination of artistry and campiness, architecture and creative exuberance!

Another castle …There must be 18 or 19 of them at this point, scattered through a sun-dappled field and shady, meandering garden glade. This is a total labor of love that’s tucked away behind a ranch-style house on a working dairy farm … on a small country road in the heart of an economically strapped, gun-toting, Republican-voting county in the U S of A.

Amazing, is it not? How many things there are under the sun?

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