Friday, Finally!

My first read this morning included some tough talk from John Conyers regarding Karl Rove and the Judiciary Committee’s subpoena of Mr. Turdblossom himself. You go John! Meanwhile, the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility is also investigating a widening number of alleged “selective prosecutions” which may have been (OMG) politically motivated. I’m glad this is happening – but did it all really have to wait ’til Bush was a duck so lame as to be nearly unable to waddle around?

Let’s turn to the WNBA for some more inspiring fare. Rookies are making splashes all around the league, with the LA Sparks’ Candace Parker the obvious head of the class (and Sylvia Fowles not far behind in Chicago). In Minnesota, rookies
Houston, Wiggins and AnosikeCharde Houston, Candice Wiggins and Nicky Anosike have already provided a big boost, leading the Lynx past the Shock in their opener on Sunday. It’s great to see these three playing so nicely together after their intense head-to-head battles a bare two months ago in the Madness that was March! (And it’s especially nice to see Charde Houston off to a good start after her challenging/frustrating career with Geno Auriemma’s Huskies.

And speaking of intense head-to-head battles, here’s Rachel Maddow’s take on the current situation for the Dems … and how it might be resolved (or not). The stakes are so high, guys – can you take a lesson from Charde, Candice and Nicky … and learn to play nice … SOON?

PS Welcome Home, RPE!

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