Viral E-Mails and Oil Tycoons … Then It Gets Better

Oily Oil GuysThis caught my eye yesterday … while Obama’s patriotism continues to be attacked in viral e-mails, here are our very favorite top oil execs testifying before Congress about their profits. Now these are major American patriots one and all. I’m sure they all have flag pins and nice presentable church memberships and middle names like Robert and Scott … certainly not Hussein. The cream of America. Patrick Leahy asked them how much they made … and one of them didn’t know. Imagine the luxury of that.

Turning to more palatable fare, we have Black Skimmera picture from HollyCornblog of a bird that they saw in Florida. This is a Black Skimmer, according to HollyCornblog. It swoops down and scoops up minnows and such (maybe baby alligators … or even tiny oil executives that happen to fall into the water!). Go Skimmers!

HollyCornblog and CastlesAnd finally, here’s another photo of those castles I saw when visiting HollyCornblog a couple of weeks ago. This photo shows a couple of the newest castles, with HollyCornblog included to give a sense of the scale of these babies! (HollyCornblog is a normal-sized person, BTW, not tiny.)

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7 Responses to Viral E-Mails and Oil Tycoons … Then It Gets Better

  1. HollyCornblog says:

    I think that means more dark chocolate for ME! Thanks to all that voted. Truth be told, I guess I am REALLY a normal sized person with a BIG sweet tooth, and a GIANT hop trellis.


  2. Tiny Holly is the winner in a 2-1 landslide … based on further evidence (that trellis picture) and a pretty low voter turnout!


  3. dsabler says:

    hhmm, 2 to 1? Seems like the “tiny Holly” side wins out.


  4. JordanCornblog says:

    I see that this is going to have to come down to a vote!


  5. dsabler says:

    Holly IS tiny!


  6. JordanCornblog says:

    No, sorry … not tiny. πŸ˜‰


  7. HollyCornblog says:

    Am I NOT tiny?


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