Saturday … Ya Gotta Love It!

Here’s a feel good piece if I’ve ever seen one! It’s about a Bush-McCain Fundraiser that had to be scaled back due to poor ticket sales.

Cindy McCainBut enough about the guys. Nothing about HollyCornblog today … sorry. But Hillary is doing a pretty okay job of explaining her very, very unfortunate remarks about Bobby Kennedy’s assassination the other day. Bill is apparently out talking some Veep talk – while Hillary is keeping quite mum about it all. Personally, I like the idea … but no one has actually asked me yet. And here’s a photo of Cindy McCain … just because she really, really scares me. Period.

Here’s an interview with the person I’d like to see in the White House … Pia in Marchthe one and only Pia Sundhage! Somehow in all the madness that was March, I missed this in the NY Times. It’s a nice piece with lots about her coaching style and philosophy … and a bit about her take on several of the players. (This before Natasha Kai caught fire!) There’s not been much news in the USWNT world lately, so it was nice to come across this little gem.

Bobble FootAnd last but DEFINITELY not least … I came across a reference to this bobble-foot give-away on the Princess Sparkle Pony Blog. What an amazing idea … I WANT ONE! Here’s an article about the ingenious promotion!

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