Phillies' Bats Huge … McCain Batting 0.00

First the Phils, who’ve scored 35 runs in their last TWO GAMES and yesterday routed the Rockies 20-5. It’s early in the season – but great to see them scoring so many runs (and with Howard still not up to speed).

On the McCain front, here’s a good piece from Ariana Huffington about his abysmal and utterly consistent record on women’s health issues and reproductive rights. She notes: “Since 1983, in votes in the House and the Senate (where he has served since 1987), McCain has cast 130 votes on abortion and other reproductive-rights issues. 125 of those votes were anti-choice [pdf].”

The bad news is that most people see McCain as a maverick and don’t realize how closely he toes the line on these issues. The good news is that he will lose votes, as people do realize his views and intentions regarding women’s health ad reproductive rights. It’s crucial to get the word out!

Finally, HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew did get to the Lake yesterday and The Dock-Part of the Way In!amazingly (to my mind) were able to get 2/3 of the dock in, as well as hooking up the water and such. I hope that they also found time to do some kayaking, relax, and have a nice, bug-free day up there!

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