Another Republican Squawker and a Chicken, Too!

Scott McClellan is going to be selling some books shortly. I LOVE anything that could further damage Bush and maybe even buttress Congressional efforts to nail some of these guys. But it also bugs me that Mr. McClellan is going to be making money hand over fist with his squawk … after participating in what he decries. (And, to his credit, he did get out … which can’t have been easy given where he started.)

Meanwhile, here’s a bird that no one can feel ambivalent about – Mr. Joy! He’s a Mr. Joy at the Beachtherapy chicken, working his way into the hearts of nursing home residents in South Carolina, one lap at a time! Read the article from the Charlotte Observer and check out the video’s, too! Mr. Joy also has a website … and a Cafe Press Store!

He is way ahead of JordanCornblog on the self-promoting front. Anyone out there got any logo ideas? JordanCornblog definitely needs a store! 😉

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