Missionary Mission Accomplished (Almost)

I am so discouraged by the perversions of meaning and truth and decency promulgated by this administration that I hardly know where to begin … but here goes. The latest has to do with news of US soldiers proselytizing in Iraq. Clearly the Pentagon and DOD have learned nothing after the push to distribute “Freedom Packages” to soldiers was stopped last summer. So is this war about exporting religion? Democracy? Or is it about importing oil? Clearly it’s not about anything you said it was about originally, Mr. President.

It makes me want to read Matt Taibbi’s The Great Derangement ASAP. In fact, I may just download it right now! πŸ˜‰ Mr. Taibbi writes for Rolling Stone and also has a great site … The Smirking Chimp. Here’s an excerpt from his new book, posted on Alternet.

On a happier front … we turn to the USWNT … in camp and training for The Peace Queen Cup. Here’s a great (meaning good – and also huge) collection of photos from camp. The team is clearly working very hard!

And finally, HollyCornblog will be upset if I don’t mention her … so I am!

Now it’s off to the treadmill for me. (And no, I am not riding my bike to work today.)

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