First Sunday of June

What a thing to wake up to on a beautiful Sunday morning – an article about Greg Ryan at Michigan. Ugh. He’s throwing everyone under the bus – Hope Solo, Mia Hamm, the former Michigan coach. (His mother seems to be safe for the moment at least.) I continue to be mightily unimpressed with him as a human being … not to mention as a coach. Any day now, he’ll be saying “Mission Accomplished” like the other guy pictured below. (I titled these photos dumb and dumber!)

Dumb Dumber

I don’t know what to follow this with, to be honest.  Looks like the Dems have settledfor now at least.

But you know what?  It’s just too nice a June day to spend more time writing and ruminating.  HollyCornblog is probably already on her way to the lake … and I’m going to head out to the gardens before the bugs take over entirely!

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