Miscellaneous Stuff on the Last of May

Here’s a nice interview with Tarps, Carli and Cat after a USWNT practice – looks like before CONCACAF qualifying. Nothing earthshaking, but we take what we can get! And here are Carli and Hope discussing the new WPS franchise slated for Philly in 2010. Yee Hah!

Bush Flipping OutMeanwhile – an excellent piece here about John McCain’s You-Tube troubles.

And in other quasi political news (a stretch, I realize), HollyCornblog has shared another flattering photo of the prez that she found in her attic … wonder who he’s flipping. Scott McClellan, maybe?

And speaking of You-Tube – these videos of the Young at Heart chorus are priceless – as is the movie!

I guess the Phillies showed the Marlins what for last night! They move into first place with the win – and Chase Utley now has an MLB-leading 13 home runs! And then the Sox pulled one out in the lucky 13th. Hopefully their offense will be back on track soon – but a win’s a win. And its another Celtics-Lakers final … like the good old days. And I’m off …

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1 Response to Miscellaneous Stuff on the Last of May

  1. CB says:

    Just love the Young@heart videos. First I heard of them. Thanks. And, of course, I voted in the first poll. (Guess how?)
    On a personal note, I’ve decided to paddle in a new direction to break free of this riptide. I’m leaving the magazine on June 13. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be teaching jr or high school English in the Bronx in September.


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