It's Obama … and Other News (Including Peace Queen Roster)

Barack Obama (in case you hadn’t heard) clinched the nomination last night and acknowledged it with a speech to his supporters. Meanwhile, Hillary, in NY, spoke to her stalwarts and laid the groundwork for her exit. In a bizarre and self-destructive juxtaposition, McCain also gave a speech. My goodness … he’d look bad all on his own, but to put himself out there last night showed poor judgment or delusional thinking … or both.

HollyCornblog is heading to Philly this weekend and hoping to check out a couple of brewpubs down there … including one in Norristown that’s rumored to be really amazing … but whose name escapes me. She’ll have to write us a review!

Pia Sundhage has named her 22-woman roster for the Peace Queen Cup. Defender Ali Krieger is on the roster but won’t travel to Korea as she’s returning to Germany to finish her club season for FFC Frankfurt. (FFC Frankfurt recently won the UEFA Women’s Championship, defeating the Swedish powerhouse Umea.) So it’ll be 21 players in Korea for the USWNT. Aly Wagner, trying to make it back from injuries, will be there. Among those not making the cut (and somewhat of a surprise to me) was Stephanie Cox.

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2 Responses to It's Obama … and Other News (Including Peace Queen Roster)

  1. HollyCornblog says:

    We are staying with Charlie HopBrews sister in Frazier, and visitng another sister in West Chester, for his Mom’s birthday. No kayaking this trip, my elbow/wrist isn’t up for that yet, but hopefully soon. Thanks for all your votes. For some reason it won’t allow me to vote for myself anymore, darn:-)


  2. CB says:

    Where is Holly Cornblog staying in Philly? Does she go there often? Is she taking her kayak? I want the full report when she comes back. I really can’t get enough of Holly Cornblog on this site as my countless poll votes show.


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