The Last Primary Tuesday …

… and it’s reported on the Huffington Post that Hillary Clinton will be making a major speech tonight – one to which she’s invited major donors and supporters. If this isn’t it, it’s gotta be coming soon. It’s my hope that at this juncture, Hillary will go gracefully and the party can begin to unify.

Speaking of going gracefully … I love that Dawn Gibbons is refusing to! In another scandal involving the sleazy underbelly of the Republican Righteousness Machine, Governor Jim Gibbons’ (R-NV) wife is threatening all sorts of juicy details about his philandering and shady dealings. Bring it, Dawn!

Then, there’s this departure, in which Arthur Mkoyan the Bullard High valedictorian (Fresno, CA – with a 4.0 GPA, no less) is … being sent back to Armenia … a move which seems sad, short-sighted, and unnecessary. (And I’m pretty darn sure that Jim Gibbons is the type of good Republican guy who would be in full support of strict enforcement of the letter of the law in this and other such cases. We’ll see if he persists in that view …)

On the soccer front, I see that North Korea has pulled out of the Peace Queen Cup – apparently something they’ve done before.  New Zealand is replacing them at the Tournament. It’s too bad that Pia and the USWNT won’t get to see the North Koreans before the Olympics. But by the same token, this gives them a chance to get a glimpse of the Kiwi’s prior to seeing them in Beijing. Guess we’ll be back at it on MatchTracker soon. (The Peace Queen Cup is held from June 14-21.)

And here’s the latest on Kristine Lilly and her pregnancy!  (Looks like Lil cutting back on her workouts is about on a par with me at my peak!)

In HollyCornblog land, she reportedly made a smoked porter over the weekend that is working away and apparently quite the bubbly brew. Some of her hop plants are struggling … but the Penguins pulled out a win last night so, in a leap of logic that is pretty typical for JordanCornblog, I’m gonna take that as a good omen for the hops … and for you, too … whatever this Tuesday holds for you!

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