Politics, Soccer and HollyCornblog … Pretty Much Everything Today!

Hmmmm, how about Jim Webb and Obama as the ticket in November? (And I don’t mean Mr. MacArthur Park … although back in the ’70’s I’d have loved the idea … I admit … with eyes slightly downcast.) Anyway, it’s fascinating, this VP dance that we’re all watching now.

I was listening to some very interesting commentary on NHPR yesterday. (Seemed every time I was in the car, this was being discussed.) One commentator noted that, if Hillary is publicly pushing for the spot it’s tough for Barack to pick her without appearing to be caving in to pressure. That made sense to me … and perhaps to her as well … as it seems she’s backed off a bit since then. And of course, there’s the little matter of Bill, as well – and the question of whether Hillary would/could be a loyal side-kick.

Moving into a much broader context, forty years ago yesterday, Bobby Kennedy was shot after a big win in the California primary. With that shocking death, Robert S. McElvaine posits, a forty-year civil war ensued. This cultural war could, just possibly, start drawing to a close with the successful candidacy of Barack Obama. McElvaine addresses what has long puzzled me – namely, the way that Republicans are able to successfully label Democrats as “elitists” and so consistently win the votes of people whose interests they actually disdain and always happily trample when they are in power. Professor McElvaine notes:

“Division is what civil wars are all about, and as the chief strategists of the “conservative” forces, from Buchanan’s “cut the country in half” at the beginning to Rove’s 50.1 percent politics at the end, made clear, the country they sought to rule was the Disunited States of America. This year we have a real opportunity to reject their divisions and end the long civil war that began four decades ago. Doing so will reestablish the United States of America.”

Anyone who thought that McCain offered a brand of Republicanism that might diverge from the divide and conquer path is being disabused of that notion by his seemingly inconsistent panderings to the crazed GOP base. “What Makes McCain Tick?” offers some interesting thoughts on the subject.

For soccer aficionados, here’s a link to a great thread on BigSoccer, discussing Pia’s Peace Queen Cup Roster and who will/will not be cut to pare the group down for the Olympics. I am especially happy to see taosjohn posting, as his insights are always excellent and even-handed … almost beulah-like in tone! 😉

More CastlesFinally, safe travels to HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew on this rainy Friday. (Capone’s, here they come!) And yes, CB, I’ll keep the HollyCornblog news coming! For now, here’s another castle picture (taken just across the road from HollyCornblog’s house).

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1 Response to Politics, Soccer and HollyCornblog … Pretty Much Everything Today!

  1. CB says:

    Thanks. Speaking of republicans, there was an interesting article in the May 26 New Yorker (By George Packer?)that touches on the same issues.
    Do you remember the day Bobby Kennedy was shot? I remember waking up to hearing it on the radio both days and though I don’t remember this actually firsthand, I remember some years later you recalled how Mr. Williams had said it wasn’t a day he felt like teaching math, so we all discussed the assassination instead. He was one teacher I never really appreciated until after I had him.


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