John, Even and Paula … Randomly Speaking

I’m cherry-picking this morning. (What I really want to do is go back to bed …)

Here’s some great video and commentary re. John McCain’s speech on Tuesday night (mercifully just clips … not the whole danged thing). I really do wonder if there’s something wrong with McCain. Perhaps his pandering and cozying up to Bush has led to some sort of infection.

In soccer news, I read that Even Pellerud is retiring as the Canadian women’s national soccer team’s coach after the 2008 Olympics. For many, this news is welcome, apparently, but a little late. Wonder who they’ll get to replace him. Not Greg Ryan, I hope. That would be a terrible thing for Canada (although a boon for Michigan, I’d say.)

Last night I had the privilege of spending a couple of hours being entertained by Paula Poundstone … an experience I would highly recommend to everyone!

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