Hillary Hits a Home Run

It certainly sounds like Hillary’s concession speech hit all the right notes. Here’s her speech in its entirety. Nice job, Hillary. It put me in mind of Al Gore’s concession speech in 2000 – although (thank goodness) Hillary’s is conceding to Obama, not Bush! Gore’s speech was one of the most uplifting I’ve ever heard … and a sad, sad day for this country.

While we’re on a roll, here’s Kerry’s concession in 2004 (I’m guessing this won’t get many hits) and the beginning of Teddy Kennedy’s concession speech (at the Democratic Convention) in 1980. (The rest of this speech can be found on You-Tube, too.)

And finally, here is Bobby Kennedy, announcing the killing of Dr. Martin Luther King.  Contrast the authenticity of this speech with the stupidity of the past 8 years.  It is stark and sad … how much ground we have lost, in terms of the quality of our leadership and the level of our national dialogue.

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