Golf Gear and HollyCornblog Update

According to the Huffington Post this morning (quoting unnamed Republican operatives) the McCain campaign is in deep do-do. This is the kind of story I love to start off with on a too-hot Monday morning! And check out this priceless piece about the Golf Gear that Senator McCain is selling on his website … in a bit of tone deafness that I think of as pretty typical for the GOP. The economy is going down the tubes … and we are peddling golf gear. Nothing against golf, mind you … but wow!

Here’s a nice piece from Politico about this ending for Hillary … with reflections on Al Gore’s somewhat similar passage. And for HollyCornblog aficionado’s, Capone’syou should know that she got home yesterday and was rather unimpressed with Capone’s selection. (Judging form the picture, it looked pretty good to me … but that’s coming from NH, where the beer world is a bit more constricted than in HollyCornblog land). Unfortunately, it is just too hot to continue typing, so I shall leave you to your own devices. Have a great day … and stay cool!

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