Saturday the 14th!

Happy Saturday! You’ll be pleased to know that HollyCornblog survived Friday the 13th and didn’t run into any guys in hockey masks!

And wow – may I just say that it appears that the Phillies’ bats have come alive? The NL-East leading Phils posted a 20-2 win in St Louis, helped along by back-to-back-to-back homers by Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and Pat Burrell. Next up after St. Louis? The Red Sox! (That means three games will be televised here in NH … and there will be mild strife in THIS household!)

You can get Peace Queen Cup Video on Pandora TV. I’m hooked up to South Korea vs. New Zealand right now and the quality is excellent (when my signal is strong enough)!

Meanwhile, some Dems in Tennessee appear to have lost it … as infectious GOPitis (that pesky Obama-as-Terrorist strain) has spread into the party’s executive committee. Hopefully sanity will be restored before too long – but in the meantime – what are people thinking? Michelle Obama has become the target of dastardly attacks … and it’s just all so mean-spirited and bizarre. But this is who we are … I guess.

And a moment, to acknowledge the sudden passing of Tim Russert. What a shock – and a loss n the world of journalism. I was not a regular MTP-watcher, but his voice and perspective have certainly been a huge part of the political landscape over the past 15-plus years. Very sad.
I’m heading out now and will be gone for the weekend. JordanCornblog will continue to publish. WordPress has this cool capacity to queue things up for future publication … so don’t wander too far away! Have a great weekend … and go USWNT!

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