All I'm Saying Is …

… I really don’t trust ’em. Know what I mean?

Offshore Oil RigWhat am I talking about? It’s the push by Bush to lift the 27-year-old ban on offshore drilling that was imposed by his Daddy all those many years ago. Dubya says that this is the way we need to go to bring down high gasoline prices that otherwise seem uncontrollable. He seems to imply that we should trust him … just like we trusted him about WMD and the need to go attack Iraq. Get my drift?

Reading about the absolutely desperate need to start offshore drilling NOW … don’t you find yourself suddenly starting to wonder about these inflated oil prices and whether they’re for real? Looking at oil company profits … next to prices at the pump, do you ever have the wee thought that we are being hoodwinked again?

Call me paranoid, but I suspect that we are being maneuvered into a position where the body politic will, again, out of manufactured fear, support something horribly ill-advised – this time overturning a decades-old ban and allowing the oil companies to do what they’ve been wanting to ever since it was imposed.

This is their last chance, and they’re going to push as hard as they can, to get as much as they can, before the party is over.

On a happier note about the body politic, a recent poll indicates that more voters view Michelle Obama favorably than they do Cindy McCain. Maybe the voters just couldn’t stomach that whole bogus family recipe debacle. 😉

Did you notice that I’m using the BBC News as my source for the oil drilling rant above? That’s because I’m giving the AP a wide berth for the time being. Many thanks to d.sabler who sent me a blog piece about how the AP is starting to charge bloggers by the word.

Who knew? The blogosphere is up in arms and I’m trying to figure out the lay of the land. It seems very petty and small-minded on the AP’s part … but in the meantime, when I see a juicy AP story, I’ll head straight away and find some other source if I can. Luckily, there just ain’t a whole lot of AP material on the USWNT … 😉 … so there’s no need to worry on that front … at least ’til the Oly’s.

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