USWNT Wins Another (And Other News of the World)

Lindsay TarplayThe USWNT defeated Norway 4-0 yesterday in Fredrikstad, and Abby Wambach scored her 99th career goal! Next up is Sweden on July 5th. Interestingly, the US had not defeated Norway in Norway before – losing and tying their two previous matches there. The Norwegians must love it that the USWNT’s first win on their home soil comes with a Swede at the helm! (Or is that hejlm?)

Angela Hucles continues to be on a spectacular-goal-scoring tear:

The USA got one more goal to seal the game in spectacular fashion after a short clearance from Skarbo landed at the feet of Hucles, who was about 40 yards from the net. Spying Skarbo way off her goal line, Hucles took a short touch and hit a screamer that soared over the Norwegian goalkeeper and just under the crossbar before stretching the back of the net. It was Hucles third goal of the year, all of which have come in dramatic fashion. She has scored two stoppage game-winners this year to add to her Beckham-like strike today.

Apparently Solo had an excellent game, too – and the back line is gelling. I must say I love seeing the way the USWNT under Pia continues to send the ball into the net from a myriad of sources. Lindsay Tarplay has now scored in double digits for the first time in her career with the Nats, Carli Lloyd continues to rack up points, and Natasha Kai had a nice assist to Abby (and nearly had more). On to Sweden!

Also on the sports front, the Phillies won another, A-Rod is reportedly leaving his wife (and what’s with giving both of your daughters “Alexander” as a middle name … you don’t get enough food for your ego as it is?), and JordanCornblog’s fantasy football league has amassed its 12-team contingent and is now gearing up for its 8/16/08 draft! The team’s name? Phantastic Phootball Phanatics, of course! Here are the rules … just in case we need to look something up! I’ll be relearning how to do the FF thang, as the summer moves along!

In other news items, I was horrified to read about Christopher Hitchens and his experiment with waterboarding. It brings home, quite vividly, the true tortuousness of this so-called “interrogation method.” As we come up on the 4th of July, it is painful to reflect on where we are as a nation, circa 2008.

Steve SchmidtSteve Schmidt, of the Karl Rove School of Campaign-craft, is now on board with McCain, according to the NY Times,

The shift was approved by Mr. McCain after several of his aides, including Mr. Schmidt, went to him about 10 days ago and warned him that he was in danger of losing the presidential election to Senator Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, unless he revamped his campaign operation, two officials close to the campaign said.

I’m sure we can expect more and more nastiness from that corner of the world, as the Bushies and Rovies continue to hop on board the Straight Talk Express.

Cindy McCain StumpsIn one final jab at McCain-world, I couldn’t resist this Politico piece on McCain family finances – and what they may reflect about McCain family values. The Republicans opened up this can of worms four years ago … and I’m wondering now how the little critters are tasting!

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