Conservation vs. Drilling and Other Wednesday Wrinkles

MSNBC is reporting a new Pew Poll that shows the balance shifting between those who favor more conservation and those who favor more refineries and more drilling.

Among the survey’s most astounding findings is the dramatic increase in a span of five months in the support for energy exploration and production among groups that have traditionally championed conservation as being the answer to the country’s energy problems.

For example, the percentage of liberals who said expanding energy exploration was their most important priority doubled from 22 percent in February to 45 percent; increased by 19 points to 50 percent among independents; and by 18 points to 46 percent among women.

This is a frightening slide toward giving the Bushies another victory before they leave office. This energy crisis has the same feel as WMD and the run up to the invasion of Iraq. While the fear and pain are real, as people across America are pinched by high energy prices, I am extremely suspicious of the spin and stagecraft … in the service of power and greed. Call me paranoid – but let’s wait ’til someone else is in office before we take any rash action, okay? Please?

Other news .. the Phillies won and are finally back to playing their own kind (i.e. in the National League). A-Rod may have a new distraction and the USWNT plays Norway today at noon (MatchTracker will have the PBP). Abby Wambach is just two goals away from the century mark as the team heads into the last four friendlies before the Olympics!

Crystal Lake Sunset Here’s a photo that HollyCornblog took this past weekend up at the Lake. Looks like they had some good kayaking weather, and some spectacular sunsets.

Finally, for any of you out there who are Fantasy Football fanatics (or just fans) you can sign up for a JordanCornblog league here. We’re the Phantastic Phootball Phanatics … and we’re philling up phast!

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