Bush Feeling the Love, USWNT in Norway, and Other Stuff

Yes, it’s true. According to this US News and World Report article, the Prez apparently feels he is having a good final year. In fact, in a very positive development for the Bush camp, aides say that he is feeling ‘less antipathy’ from his constituents, as he travels around the country. (Note-to-Self: Set the bar nice and low, and you can feel really good no matter what!)

Bush and McCain Emraces at Gay Pride RallyMeanwhile, this photo from the Gay Pride March in hot-as-hell DC, explains a little bit of why the Prez might be feeling so good these days.

Who knew? And no wonder McCain is having trouble connecting with that rabid Republican base that he needs so badly for for November. C’mon John – a little decorum in public at least! πŸ˜‰

TPM Muckraker has a pretty damning story about US involvement in no-bid oil contracts for … Western oil companies in Iraq. As the Bushies prepare to exit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it’s no big surprise that their true motivations are becoming clearer as they scurry to solidify as many gains as possible. It’s about the oil, stupid!

Enough already! Let’s move to the USWNT. Pia and crew are in Norway for a friendly tomorrow (7/2/08) against Norway, and then another friendly on 7/5/08 against Sweden. After that, it’s back to the States for two friendlies against Brazil.  The CBF has posted their roster, and unfortunately it looks like their Sweden-based players – Marta, Cristiane and Daniela – are still in season and play a league match on July 9 – so won’t be available for these matches!  (My guess is that the Brazilians aren’t unhappy with keeping some of their key cards hidden ’til the Olympics.)

We’re into the serious tune-up phase of Olympic preparation, and I especially look for Pia to be giving her starting back line ample time to be playing together.

Here’s the basic data, culled from BigSoccer:

July 2, 18:00
U.S. vs. Norway
Fredrikstad, Norway

No known U.S. broadcasts

— Will be shown abroad on TV2 Zebra, the broadcast channel. May be shown on TV2 Sumo, which is their Web station. No definite about the Web version, but will post as soon as I know. FMI, see below under ‘possibility.’


Norway’s TV2 Web TV
*Subscription Service*
Single match is 99 NOK ($19)
Full month is 149 NOK ($29)

As of Saturday afternoon, I still cannot confirm this will be aired via the Web as mentioned above. I would not count on it at this point. But if it does change, I will post an update.

July 5, 18:00
U.S. vs. Sweden
SkellefteΓ₯, Sweden

No known broadcasts


Svensk FA Livescore

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