A Little Bit of Everything Today

I’ve been checking out the political scene a little bit this morning and come upon the usual fare from the usual culprits. We’ve got McCain calling Social Security a disgrace and straight-talking it right of existence.

Then we’ve got the White House continuing its stonewalling about global warming, disavowing its own staff’s recommendations on the subject. The worst administration in the history of these United States continues to live up to its reputation, that’s for sure.  (Back in the day, many of us thought this piece with Will Ferrell as Dubya was a joke. It wasn’t.)

On a more positive note, here’s Lindsay Dolich’s preview of the USWNT vs. Brazil game that’s going to be televised on ESPN this Sunday. And from Damallsvenskan Soapbox, here’s Jocasta’s commentary on the recent USWNT vs. Sweden game (along with video clips).


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