Danny O's Art, Soccer and Other Sunday Sundries

First off, I had a great day at Coolidge Corner celebrating my friend PB’s birthday, seeing a nice-but-ultimately-unremarkable movie (Radio Cape Cod), doing some shopping, and having dinner at Zaftig’s. Over dinner, we wondered about what had become of Craig Benson – the Dubya-esque ex-Gov of NH. Turns out he’s a Seacoast supporter of John Stephen’s Congressional campaign. Now there are a couple of folks to stay away from, dear voters!

But back to Zaftig’s. At the end of our meal, we were admiring the paintings on the wall … very colorful pieces, one of which I was particularly taken with as it reminded me of the snow-covered chairs out by our chiminea this past winter. Turns out that our waiter was the artist! Danny O’Connor is his name – check out his work. Looks like he’s a very prolific and inventive, and well-established fixture in the Boston-and-beyond art world. What a find! I will be saving my $$ and might just become a collector!

And now, a Veteran’s Cup Update! It looks like the O-50 Bay State Breakers made a valiant effort out there in Bellingham, but didn’t make the cut for the play-off’s. I hope to get more details next week and find out how MLD’s hamstrings held up … so stay tuned! Looks like the O-55 Breakers women did move into the Semi-finals … but as of this writing they haven’t yet posted the results of that game.

On the USWNT front, Pia and her charges will face Brazil today at 4PM (ET). While they have played (and defeated) Brazil once already since the World Cup loss, this continues to be a match with some baggage … and should be a good one (even though Marta and Christiane reportedly won’t be there.) Here’s an article about local hero Lori Chalupny from the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Check out ESPN at 4PM ET – should be a good one!

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