McCain's Geography (and Internet Travels), Hillary's VP Chances, and (Of Course) Some USWNT Soccer …

John McCain made another Bush-worthy geography gaffe yesterday – this time on “Good Morning America.” Sorry, John, Iraq and Pakistan don’t actually share a border. (As an aside, I’ve always wished that some brave member of the press would ask Bush, during a press conference, to point to Iraq on a map. Now that would be an interesting moment .. both watching Bush’s confusion and glimpsing a “brave member of the press.”)

Meanwhile, in other news of Mr. McCain … Andy Borowitz reports on his historic first visit to the internet in this excellent riposte!

On the Veep search front, the NY Times indicates that Hillary is being vetted – although she remains an unlikely choice by most reports.

In soccer news, I’m going to send you over to Boltgirl for some good updates on Abby and her injury. Check out the linked post, as well as earlier pieces. Gayle Bryan writes on her Fair Game Blog about Abby Wambach’s professionalism in the face of what has to be a monumental disappointment for her. And there’s also lots of stuff at the USSF site.

Graham Hays has posted a nice update on Cat Whitehill’s status as she rehabs from her ACL tear and contemplates watching the Olympics from the States.

And don’t forget Beulah’s report on the 7/13 match, either!

In international soccer, here’s Jocasta on this past weekend’s Sweden vs. Norway match-up. This was a final pre-Olympic tune-up for the Swedes, while Norway has another game against Germany on their plate.

That’s it for now … stay tuned, though … things are heating up!

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