Of Candace Parker Throwing Punches, Hills Hoists, and Just Showing Up

It sounds like the game between the Sparks and the Shock ended ugly last night. Candace Parker, Plenette Pierson, DeLisha Milton-Jones and Rick Mahorn were all ejected after a melee broke out in the final seconds. Meanwhile, in what could be a significant loss for the Shock, Cheryl Ford, who was trying to hold Pierson back, may have injured herself. As Lisa Leslie noted, this will get the WNBA a lot of attention – but not of the sort that they want.

In baseball action, the Phillies came from behind in the 9th and defeated the Mets to regain sole possession of first place in the NL East. All I can say is, when Utley starts hitting again, watch out world!

I’m still holding my breath for Beulah’s 7/16 match report … πŸ˜‰  But in the meantime, here’s a very intriguing piece by Mark Zeigler on the USWNT and LWA (that’s Life Without Abby).  He sheds a bit more light on the mix of personalities on the team – and how this all might be a blessing in disguise.  No bad wishes for Abby here – but it’s something I’ve wondered about myself – how her dominance coupled with the Heinrichs/Ryan style of play, have shaped and in some ways stunted the growth of this team.  Stay tuned!

Some time ago I wrote a bit about making healthy choices. I was telling myself to just show up and to just do it. Now it’s about 6-months later and to be honest, exercise has pretty much dropped off the table for me – with the exception of a once-a-week work-out at the high school track with my daughter (who quite literally runs circles around me).

So what do I do? I take a deep breath, and I step back, and I think about my priorities … and what is keeping me from following through on my commitment to myself. Why do I not make the choices that I know will lead to my feeling better and having more energy? This is a question that I want to come back to in future posts, as it has bedeviled me for decades. And I’d be very interested in any thoughts that YOU have on the subject!

Finally, before signing off, I wanted to write a little bit about the Hills Hoist – an Australian contraption for drying clothes that has me intrigued. Apparently (according to something I heard on NPR yesterday) these clothes dryers are used by everyone (nearly) in Australia – where gas and electric dryers are pretty much the exception rather than the rule. Here’s a website offering the Hills line of products for US consumers interested in going greener.

I, for one, will be exploring further! Any way I can make it easier for myself to do something like hang the laundry outside (rather than throwing it into the dryer) is all to the good, as it makes it that much more likely that I’ll do the right thing!

Peace, out.

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2 Responses to Of Candace Parker Throwing Punches, Hills Hoists, and Just Showing Up

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Here’s to the great untangling! I bet meditation would help with that enterprise …

    Hey .. maybe we should do that meditation group together! (And could it be trauma from the previous group that holds you back?)

    Ya gotta wonder … πŸ˜‰


  2. Alice says:

    I, too, am baffled by continuing behavior so out of sync with intentions. In my notebook is not one but numerous notations of a number to call for information on a free meditation group offered close to home no less. I know meditation is helpful to me in all kinds of ways. I have enjoyed it and benefited from it during those times over the years when I have gotten into a meditation practice of sorts. Why have I not even taken the simple step to call for information? I look forward to JordanCornblog’s untangling of this mysterious affliction.


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