McCain Continues to Flounder; USWNT Heads to China!

Just take a look at these images from McCain’s week (so far) … in comparison to the bits and bytes on the airwaves featuring Barack Obama. Almost makes me feel sorry for the Straight Talker.

Meanwhile, here’s an article from Scripps News Service about the newly-configured USWNT. I thought it was an interesting slant. As new leaders and new voices emerge, it will be fascinating to see how the team evolves.

Speaking of evolution, Andrea Canales, in Sideline Views, makes a case for the USWNT serving as an illustration of arrested development. For the most part, I am in agreement with her points about professional sports in general, and about the importance of a professional league. I also think she may be right-on about the Abby-dominated flavor of the team.

Maybe I’m naive and too easily buy into the PR line, but I don’t see the USWNT players as hothouse creatures protected from the real world. It seems to me that many of them are out there working to build careers and support themselves (and the new league). Some have been starting families – some do political work – some have played club soccer during down times (at least to my admittedly sketchy knowledge). The USSF has never been a particularly hospitable place for the USWNT – so to depict them as “protected” in that venue strikes me as odd. Then again, maybe I’m just cranky and over-reacting this morning.

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