Here I am at HollyCornblog's

We just finished breakfast and are going to be going up to the lake shortly to work on the dock (brrrr) and some other chores.  I’m picking CharlieHopbrew’s brain about good PC’s.

We’re thinking that CB has been very quiet since starting her teaching job.  How’s it going?  (That’s really not fair in a blog post … putting someone on the spot like that.  You can ignore the question, CB.)

Today is Donald Hall’s birthday!

Oh. and McCain continues to tread the high road.

And we hope Boltgirl is feeling better … 😉


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5 Responses to Here I am at HollyCornblog's

  1. You must be so immersed in your new job. Hang in there!


  2. CB says:

    Thanks for not forgetting about me. I am feeling very alone these days……


  3. I will definitely be logging on for ffootball … and watching my team go down in flames, no doubt!

    Stephen … thanks for the link from Time. I loved it!


  4. Paula Rockwell says:

    will you be logging on for ffootball from the lake????
    since we are going head to head tomorrow:)


  5. Stephen says:

    Have fun at the lake! We’re going up today as well…

    Also, here’s a link from Time Magazine (surely a bastion of elite, biased media) that tells you something about the McCain campaign. I’m sorry right-wingnuts, but its one thing if such stories are posted on blogs, but Time?,8599,1842030,00.html

    I can’t wait for the debates! I hope Obama watches every second of the Kerry debates and learns how NOT to debate from them.


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