Friday Flotsam (and Jetsam, Too)

Shed - Nearly Done!I’m very excited to be heading over to HollyCornblog’s house today for a weekend visit. We’ll be doing some chores at the lake like bringing in the dock, bringing in HollyCornblog’s sailboat, etc.

I’ll also be inspecting the amazing and gargantuan work that she and CharlieHopbrew did on the new woodshed up there.

RampAs you can see, they are nearly finished … here’s CharlieHopbrew (cleverly obscured) walking down his recently-constructed ramp!

The other thing we will be doing (and this may be a secret, so don’t tell anyone) is celebrating HollyCornblog’s 50th birthday! This last fact is rather shocking for yours truly, let me tell you.

On the soccer news front, I am happy to report that Wellesley College visited Lewiston, Maine yesterday, and went home on the sad end of a 4 to 1 final score. It’s not that I’ve got anything particularly against Wellesley — it’s that other team that I’m rooting for!


The Bobcats head down to Amherst on Saturday for another NESCAC matchup.

Here’s a link to the page for the podcast of the 9/12/08 interview with Pia about this and that …as well as the report on the USWNT’s 1-0 win over Ireland at Giant’s Stadium (as Tasha Kai netted her 23rd career goal).

In psychology news (and very much in answer to yesterday’s questions), I came upon an article in Newsweek about a recent study purporting to prove that biology may have something to do with our political affiliations. Interesting stuff — and it certainly matches my perception that liberals, as a whole, may be less reactive.  Or, to put it another way, it helps me to understand why the conservatives in our midst seem so fixated on making sure that they have guns available, just in case.

On the “Palin Poop” front, I’ve got an article about newly discovered records that reflect her active participation in seeking and accepting earmarks while she was the mayor of Wasilla. You just keep lying, Sarah — I think people are catching on.

The Phillies won another — but the Mets did, too. The Red Sox were idle. The Eagles and Steelers will be going at it this weekend, as will the Pats and the Dolphins (and yours truly will be entrenched on the Cornblog/Hopbrew couch … watching and sampling home brews and tracking the ffootball scores … ahhhhh!  But can you tell I’m a little at loose ends this morning?  Time to head to work, I’m thinking!


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