Technology-Challenged Thursday

I’m having some difficulties uploading an Mp3 of an interview with Pia … so in the interim, here’s a good article by Tim Wise (posted on Alternet) about the special privileges that white candidates for President and Vice President seem to possess.

Unfortunately, the technology challenges that I was experiencing last night seem to have overlapped into the morning. Frustrating! I’ll wrestle with it all some more this evening.

Speaking of frustration and puzzlement, I am finding myself more and more mystified by the divergent worldviews of those who support McCain/Palin, and those who support Obama/Biden. I really, truly, don’t understand the internal world of folks who can decry unwed mothers, on the one hand — and celebrate the family values of the Palins, on the other.

It’s not that I think anyone should be dumping all over a pregnant teen — it’s the hypocrisy and the flip-flopping of the stalwart and self-righteous Republican right that totally pisses me off. Do you hear what you’re saying, folks? Do you listen to yourselves?  The capacity for reflection and self examination is apparently entirely absent in the GOP.

That may be a bit extreme — but the good and reasonable folks of the GOP need to stand up to those who have hijacked their party before it’s too late.  (I used to think that John McCain was one of those people, but ambition — and maybe age — seem to have stripped him of reason, and unleashed his inner Dubya.)

It’s a very, very odd feeling, though — trying to fathom what world it is that so many Americans are seeing these days. It seems a world filled with stereotypes, fear, lack of reflection, fundamentalist religiosity, family values , naïve patriotism, and lots and lots of repression … oh yeah … and rage.

I know that people holding this worldview are probably equally confounded by me – and feel that their vision of the world is consistent and logical. Best I can make of it is to see their worldview as something I might have been able to latch onto an elementary school. I don’t mean to be demeaning in that — not really. It’s just such a damn simplistic perspective – but definitely one that I would have found appealing and comforting in second grade.  Bad Russians, good Americans … yeah, it would’ve made sense to me then.  (And I suppose that the more scary the world becomes — and the more politicians play, oh-so-cynically, on the scariness of it all — the more appealing that second-grade worldview might be to people — especially if lots of other people seem to share that view).

So, yeah, I guess the other thing that really bothers me is that I don’t think McCain/Palin actually hold that worldview. In their ambition, they exploit it — and I’m sorry, guys, but that is evil … unforgivable.

Just rambling here, and I’m sure I’ll be offending someone. Your thoughtful comments would be welcome, because I really would like to have a better understanding of what the hell is going on in the US of A.

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4 Responses to Technology-Challenged Thursday

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Wow, Stephen … I’m with you. And how do we fight this stuff? That’s part of what I keep wondering. Just out muscle ’em? (There’s often no point in arguing.) Maybe just keep coming back to the truth .. the facts … over and over and over.

    It does feel like we’re in an age of conflicting fundamentalisms … living in a tinderbox. My image is of the most narrow-minded amongst us (world-wide) … all trampling over the majority (the rest-of-us) … as they try to wring one another’s necks for being evil-doers.

    I sometimes sincerely wish that “the-rest-of-us” could just step out of the way and let them go after one another. (But the truth of the matter is that they’d be coming after many of the-rest-of-us, too, the gate being a very, very narrow one, that leads to heaven.)

    I wonder what it is (economically, culturally, historically) that brings fundamentalist ideas to the fore. Sure is damn ugly when it happens!


  2. Stephen says:

    I have been cogitating on that very topic for some time now. The blatant and very obvious hypocracy that many on the right display — heck, the practically throw it in your face, daring you to disagree (and if you do, you’re un-American) — would drive me to drink if I were so inclined.

    I feel like a great big part of our country has turned into the Christian version of Iran: ignorant, uneducated, religious funamentalists who pervert reason, common sense, and even the Bible they are a-thumping. These people are incapable of seeing the hypocracy in the Palin “family values” situation; they’re so bamboozled by the myth of “big government Democrats” that they can’t see that its the GOP that has bloated government over the past two decades (around the Clinton admin); they decry government regulation, and want you to believe that the market will cure all your woes (could you imagine what the current crisis would be like if the GOP had managed to privatize Social Security?!?!) while at the same time contributing to and benefitting from the “corporate greed” they then turn around and lambast! McCain once proposed legislation to outright ban all government regulations for industry. Now that he is seeing what happens when you don’t have simple rules in place to force transparency and a level playing field in business, he is the champion of regulation — but that’s not a contradiction at all, right?

    We’re winning in Iraq? What are we winning? What was the goal? Saddam has been dead for months… there were no terrorists in Iraq, and no sectarian violence, until we came in and upset the apple cart. So what are we winning, exactly?

    Democrats want to cut and run? Or do they just want to stop a pointless, illegal, stupid war that has killed over 4,000 Americans and (even more criminally) nearly 100,000 Iraqies? 100,000 is an unfathomable number… could you imagine what the outcry would have been if 100,000 Americans or Europeans (or some other “Christian” country) were killed? But I guess its ok for us to do it, since they’re just Muslims.

    The economy is strong? You have to be just plain dumb (or have a really rich wife who pays for all of your political campaigns) to think that our economy is anything but precariously balanced on the edge of a cliff. And by the way, who do you suppose is paying for those government bailouts? The taxpayers? Maybe… but more than likely, its China and Japan. Yay, more of our country indebted to foreign nations.

    Democrats will open our borders to all kinds of illegal immigrants — the same ones that the old, rich, white GOP members hire to cut their grass and cook their meals?

    And here’s what clinches it for me. McCain/Palin are “straight talkers” and all about being transparent and taking on corruption. Palin is so transparent she won’t cooperate in a corruption investigation (that she claims will exonerate her) that was approved unanimously by a BI-PARTISAN committe in Alaska, based on half of an out-of-context comment by one member of the investigative committee. Google it. Find state senator French’s full comment. Funny how the first part is left out, even when the mainstream media reports on the story.

    Finally, to end my rant, Obama had the funniest line of his campaign so far yesterday. Regarding McCain’s claim that he will take on the “old boy network” in Washington — what Obama can’t say, of course, is how the #$!%& can a 72-year old, rich white man ever claim to take on the “good old boys!” — Obama stated (and I’m paraphrasing): McCain hired seven of Washington’s most powerful lobbyists to run his campaign. And he says he’s going to take on the “old boy network” in Washington?? The “old boy network”… in the McCain camp, they call that a “staff meeting.”


  3. JordanCornblog says:

    Is that the famous HollyCornblog speaking?! You are so right.

    The Straight Talker has been misspeaking a bit in Spain, as I understand it. (He’s either misspeaking or signaling more bellicosity than I like to see in my President – neither of which is a good sign.)


  4. Holly says:

    What do you think the GOP would be saying if Michelle Obama had a pregnant teen? They would be all over it.
    If McCain and Palin can’t even get right what Obama is saying without twisting and contorting it, how are they EVER going to talk to world leaders and get that straight? So much for the straight talking mavericks, ugghhhh!


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