It's Biden, Hands Down (Phillies Win, Too!)

Of course I’m biased – as they’ll also say of Arianna (and no, I don’t think we’ll be mentioned in the same breath!). 😉

But come on folks – is there even any comparison?  The expectations were so low for Sarah that she’d have to have performed like Dubya to not exceed them.  Still, she didn’t answer most questions – simply parroting her talking points after ‘responding’ with one word to queries about complex issues.

And did you hear her answer about Vice Presidential powers?  That was really, really scary (and possibly one place where she was being honest).

Joe Biden had a command of the facts and the concepts behind the questions.  He was passionate and clear and responsive and still respectful of his opponent.  I was very impressed with him.

Here’s good stuff from Alternet – with six “takes” on the debate.  Given that Palin has already been “outed” as hopelessly out of her league, I don’t think her evasiveness will help her on this one.  All that winking and grinning and folksiness doesn’t cut it when it’s all so obviously a cynically manipulative cover for lack of knowledge.  Sorry, Sarah and John – I don’t think the American people are falling for it again.  Not after eight years of Bush.

Oh, and Sarah … if you weren’t such an ambitious and mean-spirited and self-righteous individual I might feel sorry for you.

But you are, and I don’t.

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2 Responses to It's Biden, Hands Down (Phillies Win, Too!)

  1. Don’t give up! Even Joe Six-Pack is going to see through this bullsh**, I think. (At least enough of the Joe Six-Packs to make a difference.)

    I’m guessing it’ll be the Joe Six-Packs who go for the occasional micro-brew!


  2. Edibeth says:

    If the American public votes to install John & Sarah into the highest positions of power in this country, well, the connection to Joe Six-PACK made the difference. And so… there it is. Fact.

    I’m looking to relocate………..>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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