Morning from Lewiston!

Hey, I’m writing from the Ramada Inn in Lewiston this morning.  It’s a beautiful, cloudless morning in Maine …  and we’ve got two soccer games on tap.  Elvis and Johnny Cash are both entertaining here at the Ramada. Oh yeah – and there’s Wi-Fi here at the Ramada, too.   Nice (and Go, Bobcats!).

So let’s see – what catches my eye this morning?  First off, I see that OJ Simpson is not only guilty but is found guilty this time around.  Good.  I see that the Red Sox won and are now up two games on the Angels.  Good.  I see that Sarah P. will be avoiding the Sunday news shows yet again.  (No worry, though – I am pretty darn sure that she’ll be appearing on SNL.)  Very, very good!

Apparently, in an interview with the friendlier Fox folks, Ms. P. was able to answer questions that she couldn’t when they were being put to her by the extremely intimidating and combative Katie Couric.

Ms. Palin explained that she stumbled in the Couric interviews not because she didn’t know the answers, but that she was annoyed with the interview because she thought the questions did not focus enough on the qualities needed in a vice president. She promised to try to be patient in the future.

Good god, y’all!

I was surprised to hear, yesterday, that while McCain won’t pull out of Iraq, he is pulling out of Michigan.  Another bit of odd impulsivity from The Straight Talker, if you ask me.  Meanwhile, ProPublica has done some research on just what  Palin’s repeated strong statements about cleaning up corruption on Wall Street might actually mean when it comes to specific proposals.  Surprisingly, they found that her assertions meant pretty much nothing.  😉

While short on details, McCain/Palin do promise repeatedly to “do what is right for the American people.”  Now that just scares the BeJeezus out of me.  Having some idea of what those folks think is right … I find that campaign rhetoric feels more like a threat than a promise from where I sit.

But off we go now.  Here in Lewiston, as I said, it’s a beautiful morning in October.  McCain/Palin have not been elected – and god/goddess willing, they never will be.  Joe Six-Pack … don’t be fooled!

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