Home Again and Back to Blogging, by Golly

This morning I checked BlueHampshire and was pleased to see this piece about the level of desperation in the McSame camp.

I groaned aloud last night when I heard Palin regurgitating that Bill Ayers story yet again.  Despicable and empty ploy … but what I like about it is how it reflects the ongoing disarried and frantic quality of the mavericks’ campaign.  There are no new ideas coming from that quarter.  None.  Nada.  Just the rehash of the same tired shallowness.  Come on Joe Six Pack – you’re smarter than that.

In fact, here’s a great piece from Salon about the dumbing down of the Republican Party.  This campaign picks up on a tired GOP theme .. and one that is insulting to every constituency to which it purports to appeal.  It used to work, guys, but with the economy in dire straits, and after eight years of dumber-than-dumb at the helm, it’s no surprise that the electoral map is in some flux.

SNL spoofed the VP debate last night with Queen Latifah as Gwen Ifill.  Needless to say, they were spot-on, and Tina Fey continues to channel Palin perfectly.  Keep it up folks – we’re counting on you! πŸ˜‰  This hit all the right notes.  And watch below, for the reason Mel Gibson un-friended Bill Maher on Facebook …


In other news, there was a great soccer game in Lewiston, ME yesterday.  (Also, Bowdoin beat Middlebury and Amherst took Tufts out of the ranks of the undefeated.)

The Phillies lost and the Cubbies got knocked out of the play-offs (sorry about that one, Chicago – I was rooting for you – at least ’til the next round).

On the Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) front, the General Draft takes place tomorrow.  Here’s some information on how you can follow the draft tomorrow.  There are lots of options for following it live (starting at 2PM ET) – or for viewing a recap on the Fox Soccer Channel (8PM ET).  (Also on the WPS front, we’re waiting to hear from our friend ‘Ski about where our seats are for the Breakers’ inaugural season (she was slated to pick ’em yesterday down at Harvard stadium)!  Thanks!

On the fine arts front, you must check out Ann Schroeder Fine Art Quilts – amazing quilts (and a blog, to boot!) from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia!

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1 Response to Home Again and Back to Blogging, by Golly

  1. Ski says:

    Text message sent on Saturday RE seat location.


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