Willie, the Phillies, and Video Sillies

Yours truly went to see Willie Porter last night – an absolutely wonderful concert!  It was one of his best (in my relatively limited experience as a groupie).  He played a long and varied set and came back for several encores, with the folks at Tupelo going wild!  He’s a guitar god … really … and seems one of the nicest guys you could ever want to meet.  Great sense of humor, lightning quick mind, and guitar picking that dazzles.  He was joined on stage by Natalia Zuckerman, who’s got a new CD out on Willie’s label Weasel Records.  Great stuff!  Willie is at Cambridge’s Club Passim tonight … if the Phillies weren’t playing again, I’d consider a drive down … 😉

Speaking of the Phillies – what a wild and wooly game.  The ref blew a call in the 7th that let the Rays back into the game, and I was getting that sinking feeling.  We lost our satellite connection in the crazy rainstorms that swept through NH at the start of the eighth, so I switched to the computer … and then (running out of steam) to the radio … but managed to stay conscious ’til Carlos Ruiz’ grounder brought Eric Bruntlett home.  Phew – the Phils are up 2-1!

Arianna Huffington, meanwhile, has taken a pause in punditing (no doubt catching her breath before the stretch run) to share with us a compendium of video awesomeness!  Some of it’s already been posted here – but there’s great new stuff (at least to me) that’s worth a look.  Enjoy!

Oh yeah … and PB, here’s what Tracy Grammer’s up to these days … 😉

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