Now it's November

Another Halloween has gone by with no trick or treaters on this hill (and now we have a hefty basket of chocolate to work our way through).  It’s November and we’re at four days and counting.  As the sun rises, for the last time in Daylight Saving mode, let’s see what’s going on out there in the big, wide world.

On the campaign trail, we’re greeted by desperation on the Republican front.  John Boehner stooped to calling Barack Obama “chickenshit” in Ohio.  Since we’re talking fecal matter, let me just say that Boehner’s bull didn’t seem to go over with the (mostly Republican) students he was addressing.

“To hear this man call this man a chicken shit in front of an audience was absolutely appalling,” Heins said. “I couldn’t believe it, this man’s supposed to be a respected politician who’s supposed to have a positive public image … It angered me that he would go that low in order to promote his own candidate.”

Guess you should keep the sh-t in the john next time, John!

While we’re in disgusting mode … this made me so mad I almost ralphed!  I’m sorry, Ralph, but your candidacy did help screw things up eight years ago.  We are where we are today, in part, because you helped Bush win NH – or helped Gore lose it (as you like to say).  Either way you look at it, Ralph, your persistence in running again, at 74, is not about anything other than Ralph Nadar’s ego.  Deal with your mortality in some other way, Ralph.  You were wonderful … but you’ve lost my admiration, as you insist on self-righteously taking votes away from Democrats when they might have a chance of winning!

Enough on that … can you tell the self-righteous purity gets to me?  I’ll need to go for a run or something, to shake this off.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Saxby Chambliss fomenting racism in an effort to get “his voters” to the polls.  Yes, in Georgia, Chambliss faces a tough challenge from Jim Martin whose victory, which isn’t such a long shot, could contribute to a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate for the Democrats!  Chambliss was the guy who ran the really nasty campaign against Max Cleland six years ago.  We wouldn’t be sad to see his career end … especially as his appeals are to the worst in his constituency.  “The other folks are voting,” he bluntly tells supporters. Nice, Saxby, and “Buh bye!”

As the chances of McCain/Palin are palin’ it appears that Palin herself may not go away.  Good news for Tina Fey … bad news for most of the rest of us.  While her unvetted, meteoric appearance on the political stage has been a disaster, there’s no denying her ambition and craftiness. That she may represent the next star of the Republican Party is testimony to the weirdly rabid emptiness that the GOP continues to exhibit.  The right has a stranglehold on ’em, it would appear.  No room for moderates under the big tent.  Hey, it’s okay – come on over – we’ll give you a seat!

Before moving on – I must also mention a bit of soccer news!  The short list for FIFA’s World Player of the Year has been announced.  Interestingly, on the women’s side, eight of the ten players named are WPS draftees.  Nice – but let’s get those other two on the rolls, okay?  Hope Solo didn’t surprise me .. but I must admit that Shannon Boxx did, just a little bit.  Not that I mind, mind you – just a little surprised.

In other soccer news, here are the seedings for the NESCAC women’s championship (sorry, Bobcats).  On the men’s side, the Bobcats travel to Williams for a noontime match-up tomorrow.  (Will we be going?  Hmmm.)

Oh, and the Phillies?  They won the World Series – had you heard?


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6 Responses to Now it's November

  1. CB says:

    Old, tired and incompetent.
    Unfortunately, I doubt I have the stamina to figure out a blog. I’m still baffled by Twitter and to a lesser degree, Facebook.
    How could you know it was a distance rather than a time thing related to the rising sun?


  2. Thanks – and I am very honored to think that you would be hooked. I think that when your life settles down, you should give it a whirl – so I can get hooked right back!

    As for the sun – I would not have noticed, except for the fact that most mornings it makes it impossible for me to write unless I pull the shade down.

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend … you’re getting to be an old hand at the teaching thing, eh?!


  3. CB says:

    Happy belated anniversary. I am totally hooked on this blog. You should be very proud.
    P.S. Love the comment about the sun rising. That is an observation that would never have been on my radar.


  4. Yeah – that extra hour was awesome! As an aside, I am amazed at how much further south the sun is rising these days. With my computer in front of the window, I really notice how the sunrise moves across the sky as the seasons change. (Used to have to close two sets of blinds to be able to see – now it’s just one … and in a month, I’m guessing zero … then it’ll start moving back north.) Interesting (to me at any rate). πŸ˜‰

    Yeah, CB – blog anniversary was some time around mid-October, I think. Wild.


  5. Stephen says:

    The late “fall back” was noticeable this year, as trick-or-treating with the kids proceeded in darkness. I for one will not complain about an extra hour of sleep tonight!


  6. CB says:

    Do we turn the clocks back tonight? I wouldn’t even know if I hadn’t read your blog today! That is how much I am out of things. Or maybe I’m in them just by reading your blog each day. By the way, isn’t your blogging anniversary coming up?


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