USWNT Wins in Virginia … Obama Will be Next!

Having been asleep at the switch on the soccer front for awhile, I was pleased to receive a Google Alert about the USWNT’s most recent win.  This one coming in Richmond, VA, where South Korea fell to the USWNT.  Vic Dorr, Jr. describes the game in the Times Dispatch.  Sounds like Angela Hucles continues her run of starring turns for the USWNT, with another goal in the 3-1 effort.

U.S. coach Pia Sundhage, who used 16 of her 17 available players, said she was pleased with her club’s effort particularly since the Americans hadn’t played since a Sept. 20 exhibition victory over Ireland and had practiced only once in preparation for yesterday’s match.

“The big thing was, we wanted to have fun,” Sundhage said. “Of course, you can never expect to have fun unless you give your very best.”

The Achieve Your Gold Tour continues, with matches against South Korea in Cincinnati and Tampa, and then closes out the year with a match against China in Detroit on December 17th!  Oh, and you gotta check out the WNT Blog … some great Halloween pictures and updates there!

Funny to come upon this USWNT news first thing, as I had a dream with Pia in it last night.  She was visiting at the house (as she so often does) and there were some other (nameless but clearly knowledgeable) soccer coaches visiting.  Everyone was deciding what beer to drink, before settling in to watch some video of a recent soccer match.  I was about to ask Pia what ever happened with the team’s visit to the White House … when I woke up.  (And speaking of that visit – my guess is that the economy’s meltdown trumped the team’s visit – haven’t seen a danged thing about it in the paper.  I’m glad that what would likely have been an awkward moment for many, appears to have been dodged.)  Anyone out there know differently?

So now, on to the political news, as we count down to Election Day …

The Huffington post ticks off the misleading and spurious attacks being pulled out of the McCain brain trust’s hats during “The Stench Run.”  When you’re desperate and you’ve got nothing to offer, this is what you come up with.

Listen to this, really – Palin on the phone with some pranksters from Montreal posing as Nicolas Sarkozy … it’s amazing!  How could she not know that she is being pranked?  Sounds like she’s pissed at the end when they tell her – and her poor assistant is in some hot water.  Oh my – the combination of naïveté and raw ambition continues to amaze – this is definitely worth a listen!

Here’s John McCain on SNL last night.

And here’s a gift that keeps on giving … Dick Cheney’s endorsement of John McCain!  Oh yeah – and Palin, too.  Love it!


Here’s Obama’s response …


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