Some Soccer, Some Other Stuff-It's Saturday

It’s a warm, foggy Saturday morning here in post-election New Hampshire.  Most of the political signs are put away, and gunshots now ring through the hillsides.

Rebellion against the new socialist state?  Post-election right wing despair?  Nah.  Hunting season.  It’s more personal this year than some, as the doe and two fawns that we’ve been watching all these months are out there in the danger zone.  Hope they make it through.  Hope the carnage in the woods misses them.  Hope.

HollyCornblog and Charlie Hopbrew are off on a road trip this weekend and, if the weather permits, HollyCornblog may be doing a bit of fishing down Cape May way.  (I’ve just been decrying hunting – but speak of fishing as though it didn’t involve the death of living things.  Having never developed an attachment for a fish, guess it just seems that much less personal to me.  And guess I have some more evolving to do.  Even on the weekend?  That’s harsh.)

I found a kinda cool on line To Do list (free) called Remember The Milk whose functionalities I’m exploring today/this weekend.  Gotta do something to keep myself organized in this detail-riddled life!  Finding myself more or less rudderless, now that the Phillies have won the World Series and Obama is the President Elect, I am quite sure that this To Do List will be the answer!

Okay- on to the news.  On the soccer front, the USWNT has one more game against South Korea (today in Tampa).  They round out their “Achieve Your Gold” Tour against China.  We know about the 12/17 game in Detroit.  The first of the two-game series is on December 13th in Carson, CA at the Home Depot Center.  And speaking of soccer – nominations are being accepted for’s annual “Best of” Awards (presented by Soccer America magazine). One of the categories is blogs.  (Hint, hint …)  πŸ˜‰

On the political news front, Maddow sure shredded Sarah Palin last night.  Meanwhile, Palin is calling her critics “jerks” and “cowardly.”  I kinda get her point – but then again, if you’re gonna dish it out, you may want to consider that it might come right back atcha.  You betcha!

Joe Lieberman apparently still thinks he has leverage and ground to stand on somewhere.  I will be sorely disappointed if the Dems don’t give his smarmy ass the boot.  (If it’s taking this long … I have my doubts.  Is 60 votes in the Senate worth keeping on with this untrustworthy soul?  Guess that’s the basic question … and I would clearly be far too hot-headed to manage well in the halls of Congress.)

Here are Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks with some interesting observations about body language, as the Presidential campaign wound down.  (I got teary all over again, looking at the photos of Grant Park on election night.)

Keep your eyes on as the final undecided races play themselves out.  Oh yeah … and finally – Madden has picked the Eagles to beat the Giants on Sunday night!  πŸ˜‰

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