Happy Friday!

Wow – it’s still hard to take in the enormity of what has transpired in this country, this week.

I was listening to “Talk of the World” on NHPR yesterday – and the enthusiasm, world-wide, for this president and what the American electorate has done was giving me goosebumps.  WE did it.  And this election has done more to “spread democracy” than anything BushCheneyHalliburtonExxonShellBP has done in the past 8 horrific years.  As people spoke I felt, too, like a lid had come off and the world was finally free to tell us how utterly awful it has been.

It’s wonderful to experience the glow – from around the world, from here at home, from the blogosphere.  Bed Time in Alaska (on Mudflats) offers a wonderful perspective out of “the-state-you-can-see-Russia-from,” and shares this link, that says it all.

The US is US, folks.

Not everything has been decided, as we read on fivethirtyeight.com. Let’s hope that, as things play out, Joe Lieberman will receive the treatment that he deserves.

Another one of the big pluses, in my mind, of the change that is underway, is the arrival of Michelle Obama on Pennsylvania Avenue.  A breath of fresh air doesn’t begin to express it.  And then there’s that puppy!

Oh yeah – and then there’s the fact that it’s Friday.  Things couldn’t be brighter, IMHO.  Here’s a nice blog entry from The Time Finder – tips on injecting a little bit of Friday into your life everyday.  (I’m all over that!)

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