As the Dust Settles

It’s day two of what continues to feel like a new era.  Obama faces a plethora of daunting tasks, and we are on notice that for hope to burn bright, we need to roll up our sleeves and help.  That’s the difference.  Obama’s no white-haired GOP fake Father-Knows-Best, but a competent and inspiring leader who’s asking for our best!

Meanwhile, as the dust settles, the McCainiacs are starting to peck at one another in the ways that those on the losing end of the stick so often do.  The Palin debacle is getting a lot of the focus – as it probably rightly should.  Cable News shows and comedians will sorely miss Sarah, but the country will be well-served if she quietly recedes into the woodwork.  (I doubt, however, that that will happen.  She’ll disappear for awhile … but rabid supporters will keep her overblown ego fed, and she’ll re-emerge.  Mark my words!)  Here’s the video cited by Princess Sparkle Pony on the Think Progress site!  (It’s from Fox News, no less!)


The USWNT, I notice, played another game yesterday (as the dust settles).  The result, against South Korea, was a somewhat surprising draw.  Played in Heather Mitts’ hometown (Cincinnati), the game was the first in all of 2008 that didn’t include Carli Lloyd in the line-up (she’s battling a nagging injury).  The team plays South Korea again in Tampa, before another break.  Their last game of 2008 in in Detroit on 12/17 – against China!  (Maybe President Obama should invite them to the White House after January 20th … I’m guessing that Pia would be all over it!)

Obama has announced his transition team (happy to see Chris Edley in the mix – I always feel better when he’s the Swarthmore grad in the political news – rather than Rob Zoellick.  Sorry Rob!).

Here’s Chris speaking at Zeitgeist ’07 talking about how he helps his law students learn to be change agents – it’s excellent!


Meanwhile, speculation abounds about his cabinet, which I’m sure will be taking shape as the week progresses.  Like no time before, given the precariousness of the economy and the state of the world, he’s got to hit the ground running.

Godspeed, President Obama!

We had a sad day here yesterday, as one of our chickens (Lucy) got mauled by some predator.  She survived, but the damage to her chest and neck was massive and a trip to the vet’s confirmed that there was no real hope of recovery.  She was euthanized, and now rests peacefully with the myriad other beloved small animals who have passed to the other side on this hill.

I’m getting ready for some solitary time at the lake next week.  It’ll be chilly (possibly snowy) and a great adventure.  For the first time ever, I’ll be going without a canine companion.  It’s an experiment in more significant solitude than I’m used to – and I’ll admit it’s got me a little nervous (so accustomed am I to conversing with Willie)!  After the lake, I’ll be visiting HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew … then home to dig in for the long winter!  I’ll try to load up the blog ahead of time – but If I don’t get to it, you’ll just have to join me in the quiet!  πŸ˜‰

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