Monday Miscellany

I’m hitting the road after a great visit to the lake and to HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew.  (Since this is being written by JordanCornbot, actual details about the visit are not available at this time … but should be forthcoming shortly – like in a day or so.)  😉

While I travel the back roads of Vermont and climb Hogback for the last time in 2008, here are a few links of interest, shared by friends and colleagues.

First, this excellent review from the NY Times of “La Damnation de Faust” – the latest in the series Live from the Met that’s slated for Portsmouth on Saturday, November 22nd.  I’m studying up – and thanks, Beeg, for the info.  It sounds like a fascinating experience on tap!

Shifting gears … I am learning about the growing number of food pantries for pets – not just in NH but around the country.  Here’s just one example (in NH) – the Rozzie May Animal Alliance.

It makes total sense that, in our failing economy, the cost of pet food would be an expense that many find hard to continue to meet.  What that then means is that many families are being horribly stressed by this and potentially deprived of the comfort of beloved animal companions – right when they need that comfort the most.  Here’s an article from Vegetarian Times about “foreclosure pets” that includes some useful links.

Heading into the holiday season, I am especially mindful of how tough it is for many friends and neighbors.  These food pantries offer another opportunity to give something back in a meaningful way.

And speaking of meaningful responses to the tough economy – you can’t do any better than the NH Community Loan Fund.  Really (and that’s a plug)!

Catch ya later!



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