Home Again

I got home yesterday afternoon (early) after a wonderful visit with HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew and am now watching the sun rise from my desk in Canterbury.  Catching up is the order of business for today … and I’ll be posting more about my visit as I savor it in the days ahead.  For now, as I drink my cup of HollyCornblog-roasted-coffee, I’m trying to come wide awake after a long night of wrestling with a recalcitrant internet connection.  (The combination of that recalcitrance with my hopefulness/stubbornness netted me about three hours of sleep when all was said and done.)

Got any more of that coffee, HollyCornblog?

I came upon a great tool this morning as I visited some of my usual spots on the net.  This, from The Time Finder, looks to be a great tool for identifying priorities and then setting the necessary boundaries to actually get them accomplished.  (As this is more concrete than I have generally liked to get in my life, I’m thinking it may just revolutionize things for me!)  I’m going to give it a try.  (Am guessing it may be especially helpful for me now, as I’m still on vacation – and unstructured time is pretty easy for me to lose track of … and then have regrets about!)


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1 Response to Home Again

  1. Alice says:

    I’m thinking of taking in “Frozen River” tonight (I think it’s 5:45) if you’re so inclined. Great to have you back in NH and have the blog live again. I missed it–and you.



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