Bookeaters on the Road

The Bookeaters traveled to Portsmouth yesterday where they discussed Ethan Frome at Brazo … after most had attended the Live at the Met performance of Berlioz’ “Damnation de Faust” at the Music Hall.

Thought the Music Hall was cold enough to have us all slipping on our coats and mittens while we watched, I found myself absolutely enthralled by the production.  Not an opera buff by any stretch, the “Live at the Met” format is perfect for me – as you get the musical experience, but are able to see performers’ faces close up.  You’re pretty much at the mercy of the videographer, in terms of what you are bale to focus on, however.  That was somewhat frustrating, with this particular performance, as there was so much about the staging that was fascinating.

We’ve got another opera slated for early February … and the book discussion will be about The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.  We are also in the market for female southern writers of the same vintage as Edith Wharton.  Any suggestions?

In other news … I see that the Sooners absolutely smashed Texas Tech and the Nittany Lions are Rose Bowl bound (congratulations, Don)!

HollyCornblog has recommended Mimi Smartypants – an online diary/blog that she recently explored via Boltgirl.  I like it, too – and am adding it to my list of “Blogs We Like.”

Hey – have a great day!

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6 Responses to Bookeaters on the Road

  1. CB says:

    Oh, ok. I heard about the suicide. Forget where. He was a really well respected writer but I got the impression (don’t remember why) that he was a little too dense for my tastes.


  2. Looking forward to Diaz – and to Live at the Met (again). I am definitely hooked on the screen version. As for Wallace – there was a recent article on him in Rolling Stone. Apparently a very, very talented, and very depressed, writer who committed suicide this past summer. I know little about him beyond the RS piece.


  3. CB says:

    Yes, that will definitely be the same opera broadcast. I was paying a fortune to go Live at the Met last year. Haven’t gone to the broadcasts yet but everybody says they are even better than the real thing. My P’s are among those who are hooked. The price is right, too.
    No, haven’t read Wallace. Who he? Dias apparently lived or grew up in New Brunswick, NJ, which makes him even more interesting to me. And he comes very highly recommended by my adolescent literacy professor.


  4. Alison says:

    Jordy, I must thank you for posting another music video of the Leningrad Cowboys.

    Now – finally – I may be able to get “Sweet Home Alabama” out of my mind. Singing it on the beaches of Ogunquit was definitely disorienting…

    Thanks, too, for the Palin video – if we can just keep her absorbed in idiotic proceedings for the next 4-8 years, maybe she will have effectively discredited herself, even to our rightward leaning brethren.


  5. JordanCornblog says:

    Hi – That’s cool – we’ll be watching the same performance (maybe?), February 7th is the one up here. As for Diaz – I’ve not read anything of his … so wouldn’t venture a suggestion. Have you read any David Foster Wallace?


  6. CB says:

    I’m going to Live at the Met in early Feb, too. Lucia de Lammermoor. Going in Philly–taking my parents.
    Want to get a Diaz book–only read his stuff in the New Yorker up to now. What do you recommend for a first book?


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