Aimlessness Abounding

Lake TreesThis time last week I was waking up at HollyCornblog’s and getting ready to drive east over Hogback to NH.  This morning I am shivering at my window as a bright orange sun rises (but doesn’t yet share any warmth with this chilly planet). It’s Ethan Frome weather, for sure … gotta get me some more coffee!

I’m thinking that, since the US election is over, and the World Series is over, and the Olympics are over, and the Primaries are over, and March Madness is over … I have become an aimless blogger.  I sit here and don’t know what to write about.  The Leningrad Cowboys?  Done.  To Do Lists?  Done. Sarah Palin?  (Pretty much) done.

So have I come to the end of this blogging run?

Not entirely sure that this is the time to be making any big decisions.  😉

Gotta factor in the dire fact that I am nearing my birthday … a time when things typically enter a brief, ugly, downward spiral.  Rather than a celebratory time, my first impulse in this season has been to assess and then judge myself and all of my enterprises harshly.  I’ve gotten better about it, and generally recognize the impulses and put them aside now.  But boy – it used to be bad!  Yup, I used to be a real bear at this time of year (now that task seems to have been picked up quite ably by Wall Street).

So anyway – I’ll not be getting too funky this week, I promise.  But be aware that my usually skewed perspective may be even moreso over the next few days.

Oh, and if you have suggestions that might help me give shape to this temporarily shapeless blog, I’m all ears!  (And I will try not to hear them as criticism!)  😉

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