Morning Updates (Including, but Not Limited to, Ann Coulter's Jaw)

This is pretty old news, but it’s the first chance I’ve had to read a bit of the inside scoop on Hillary as Secretary of State.  Meanwhile, speculation about Biden’s role (or lack thereof, to date) appears in the NY Times.   It’s never simple, is it?  I am struck by how thoroughly politics is not just about wonky policy issues, but about the building and management of relationships.  And I guess that, at 56 (yup, 56) that shouldn’t come as news to me.

What’s particularly surprising is that it can not only be about managing relationships – but that it so often seems about managing junior high school relationships.  Yeah – I think that’s what really pulls me up short.  Who’s in, who’s out … who gets offended.  The media plays up the smallness of it all – but they don’t create it.  It is fascinating to think about Obama trying to create something new and do it all in a different, more Lincolnesque way than has been the case for much of my lifetime (56 years, in case you missed it earlier).  πŸ˜‰

So what else do we have in the news?  Maddow on Obama and what’s up with pursuing war crimes?


Yes … a bit too much kumbaya here!  And in the meantime, the Bushies continue to lie.  Watch Dana Perino prevaricate …


And from The Princess (as in Sparkle Pony), I’ve learned that there’s a truly awful calendar available for 2009 – leading conservative “ladies” decked in jewels and animal skins.  It’s a typically tone deaf performance by the right wing.  Hey, yeah, as the economy tanks and people struggle (and bankers rake in bonuses, don’t forget) let’s bring on the mink!

But in perhaps the best news item I’ve ever experienced on my birthday (yup, it’s my birthday) I read (everywhere) that Ann Coulter’s jaw has been wired shut.   Irony of ironies.  Poetic justice.  Karma.  It is so perfect.  Thanks, universe! And, as noted on 23/6,  “Who needs the Fairness Doctrine if these trolls are willing to silence themselves?”


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5 Responses to Morning Updates (Including, but Not Limited to, Ann Coulter's Jaw)

  1. LOL – that is very amazing – and kinda wistful/sad. Perfect!


  2. CB says:

    The nice thing about blogs is you can pretend you weren’t late!


  3. Thanks to both of you … I am TRYING to not be grumpy! πŸ˜‰


  4. Alice says:



  5. Holly says:



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