The Day After

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving.

Here in Canterbury, we gathered with family and friends, food, frivolity, and football. A wonderful day was capped off with some rousing games of Bananagrams — and then a big Eagles win!

Dinner table conversation was wide-ranging and included, of course, the recent election, Ann Coulter’s jaw, Sarah Palin’s wardrobe (and the irony that we are still talking about her and it).

In keeping with that irony, here’s a recent Top 10 list from David Letterman, sent to me by HollyCornblog.

Stepping away from irony for a moment, I need to rant about Joe Lieberman. I was trying to understand and appreciate the very practical, strategic reasons for the Democrats to “forgive” him and not boot him out of the caucus. Now I read, in The Washington Post, that not only did he support John McCain in a way that it basically thumbed his nose at Obama and the Democrats — but he also actually contributed money to Republican campaigns further down on the ticket.

This dude is so self-righteous and smarmy, I want to puke every time I hear his voice. I don’t care what he thinks. I don’t trust him. He strikes me as opportunistic and slimy. I’m sputtering, can you tell? Damn — being practical, taking the long view, and rising above “politics as usual” sure can be unsatisfying sometimes.  I feel so vindictive and immature!

That story from the Post has pretty much erased my Thanksgiving spirit for the moment. Maybe it’s time to go get some exercise or something!

But first, what will be my song for this morning?  Hmmmm …

PS  Sorry to be late again, Al! (Hope you’re enjoying Pandora.)

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