Eagles Not Soaring … and Snow Done … for Now

Phootball PhantasyAmazingly (to me) – but then again, not (not really) the Eagles lost yesterday to the Redskins.  Meanwhile, the Patriots were dominant … and in the Phantastic Phootball Phanatics’ Phantasy Phootball Phinal, this was Pliny’s Phavorite moment … as PhatCats went on to Phinally Phlummox her … (Nice foto!)  😉

RPE will be home shortly having traveled for more than 24-hours … can’t wait to hear the stories!

And with all the snow that’s come down in recent days, I find myself returning with fondness to my first encounter with A Child’s Christmas in Wales.  I remember that my mother said she wanted to read a poem on Christmas Eve and I cringed inside.  I think I might have been somewhere between 10 and 12 at the time.  Listening to a long poem was not my idea of a good time … but I was a pretty polite kid … so poetry it was!

I remember sitting there in the living room with ChristopherCornblog and HollyCornblog … gradually becoming mesmerized as the lilt and color and humor of the language washed over me.  I was enthralled … and ever since, the cadences laid down by Dylan Thomas have been part of my Christmas rhythm.  Here’s Dylan Thomas reading his poem -thanks to Salon.  (The MP3 worked for me – but the streaming audio did not.)  And here’s Marian McPartland’s rendition – a reading with piano accompaniment!

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1 Response to Eagles Not Soaring … and Snow Done … for Now

  1. Amanda says:

    Hey Jordan Cornblog :-)! I’ve moved over to WPS in San Francisco as the Web Coordinator. Of course I left your contact details in my Outlook on my old computer and can’t recover them. Can you send to my email? Thanks!!! Keep up the great blogging. – AV


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