Bush Always Makes Me Feel like Scrooge!

Hey – thanks for the game, Stephen.  Very satisfying (especially with the sound turned up)!

What else have we today?  A brief comment from Nate Silver that takes a slightly different perspective on the Rick Warren controversy – basically looking at what it reflects about shifting public opinion and the increased energy coming form the left.  My only question, though … who is this John Kerry that he mentions?  πŸ˜‰

Meanwhile we read of the difficulties that the GOP is having finding anything to criticize about the President-Elect.  This is good news as a reflection of Obama’s adroitness – although much of the”quiet” is also attributable to the country’s dire circumstances.  (Hopefully, as he takes office and begins to steer the ship of state, the left will be happier and the GOP will find much more to criticize.)

Of course, it does no harm that Obama’s physique, as well as his decisions, have been difficult to criticize so far.  (Wish the same could be said for the security surrounding him.  Come on guys – how does someone just walk up and snap a photo of the President-Elect?)  meanwhile, the slide show of other shirtless Presidents really puts it all into perspective.

Finally, in the spirit of Christmas Bush continues to issue pardons – with 19 yesterday and more to come.  (And as Cheney admits to more and more wrongdoing doesn’t it feel like he’s gonna be added to the list sooner or later? And then of course there’s Scooter – whose sentence was commuted by Bush, but who still needs to be pardoned.  Ugh.

It’s indictments we need, not pardons …

Damn, I was starting to feel kinda good … now I feel like Scrooge!

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