Day Two, 2009

Cape May WreckGood January Morning!  It is bitter, bitter cold here as dawn etches the horizon’s edge with wan light.  Here’s a sunset photo shared by HollyCornblog yesterday … the sunset light hitting the hulking wreck off the Cape May, NJ shoreline.  (It makes me think of the cold, dark havoc and destruction wrought by the Bush Administration … as their day ends …)

I am sad to report that PSU lost to USC after a valiant effort marred only by an abysmal second quarter that put the Nittany Lions in a hole that they couldn’t claw their way out of. Good, gutsy effort, though – and somewhat grudging kudos to a good (but kinda cocky) USC crew. (In the later game, Virginia Tech eked out a win over bowl newcomers, Cincinnati … but it was tied when we retired.)  I hear Alice saying, “Enough with the football, already.”  Okay.

TPM has come out with it’s second annual Golden Dukes awards -aimed at celebrating what they term “muckiness.”  I must say I was pleased to see John Edwards’ name in the mix … as I continue to feel pissed at him and pissed about the two votes that I cast for his smarmy, expensively-coiffed, lying, sneaky ass.

Also from TPM – Top Videos of 2008 … whole lot of Palin.  Let’s hope this is the last of it.

Meanwhile in the Washington Post some Bush insiders are offering their take on things.  Josh Bolton and Stephen Hadley assert that the decider really was the decider all along- and not a Cheney puppet.  (If I were Bush, the puppet route might actually be the more appealing path at this point, given the disaster that is his presidency … but then this decider has never decided anything in a way that made sense to me.)

And last but not least, as we close out 2008, here’s a peek at the most viral web stories of 2008.  This story charts the web’s (and one might say, our culture’s) obsessions, in real time, looking at the buzz on the internet.  I’m interested to see what made it to JordanCornblog … and what did not.  Sadly – nothing about the USWNT made it into the most-buzzed stories.  (If only Miley Cyrus were a midfielder … or Heather Mitts sang!)

Have a great day … oh, and check out Red River for the Inauguration on January 20th … celebrate with some friends and enjoy a Hermanos‘ lunch along with it!

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