The Monday After The Eagles Won

In case you hadn’t heard … yup … the Eagles were declared the winners up in Minnesota yesterday … kinda like Al Franken, except there won’t be any lawsuits to follow (so far as we know).  Next up?  They might be Giants.  And the Giants have to be bummed, as the birds are “the wild card team that no one wants to face.”  Remember the Steelers?  Last year’s Giants?  Wild—card—teams.  Yup.  But enough with the football already – I can hear Alice getting restive in Concord.

I read on The Time Finder this AM a post about a great Google tool – Google Notebooks – that sounds like just the thing for bloggers, students, anyone who’s doing research and writing on line.  I am going to aim to incorporate it into my repertoire for 2009.  Check out the post – it has links to the tool and an example of how it works.  Great stuff!

I don’t know about you, but I feel better today, just knowing that Barack is back in DC.  Not that I begrudge him his vacation, but things were feeling a tad rudderless while he was working out and relaxing in Hawaii. Pretty amazing, when you think about it.  He ain’t even President yet, and his presence is extremely reassuring.

The girls are starting school today … I can imagine the scene, the nervous energy, the clothes being chosen, the questions to Mom and Dad, as they get ready to head off.  Meanwhile, Obama has a full agenda, including the replacement of Bill Richardson who stepped down over the weekend.  He was never someone who impressed me a whole lot – certainly not in the debates.  And what was with that beard?  Anyway, it sounds like he maybe coulda, shoulda been a tad more forthcoming … to be continued.

Over at the RNC they are still trying to pick a chair and the word is that everybody is out-of-sorts.  Not only did the Bushies ruin the country – they pretty much left the GOP in a shambles as all those rabid factions fight over who’s to blame for the party’s downturn.  It’s surreal and satisfying to watch all that nasty energy – the stuff that used to be aimed at liberals and homosexuals and women and pagans – all turned inward.

What a world!  The Eagles in the play-off’s, Obama in DC, and the GOP chasing its tail!

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