Ann Coulter's Jaw … and Bush ad infinitim?

Oops – Ann’s jaw has apparently come unwired, as I see her name all over the blogosphere this morning.  I won’t be linking to any of the stories or writing about her.  To give her more attention and airspace than this is just silly and way more aggravation than anyone needs on a Tuesday morning.  Here’s to a Coulter-less New Year!

In more meaningful news, I see that Al Franken has been declared the winner in Minnesota.  Good news, although it looks like he won’t be seated until certified.

And Blago’s pick?  Roland Burris is heading to DC but appears unlikely to be seated.  I tend to side with those who assert that, as despicable as Rod B may be, this appointment is legal and should be okayed by the Senate.  The Dem’s fears of the “appearance” of impropriety are no doubt real – as the GOP will leap at anything to make some points.  BUT Burris seems to be a decent appointee and I’d like to see the Dems focus on realities rather than appearances these days.  (Maybe even shift the discourse a wee bit.)

Although it sounds like the Illinois Secretary of State may provide an out:  “While Blagojevich has signed formal appointments papers, Jesse White, the Illinois secretary of state, has not, and Senate rules require that signature.”  The machinations are endless … and endlessly interesting, eh?

And how about Gregoire for Commerce?  New Mexico gets their Gov back … and Washington loses theirs?

Barack Obama has added a “Neighborhood Ball” to the inaugural festivities … I like that a lot.  Particularly like the feeling that it is not a PR ploy but has something to do with core values.  Imagine that.

Finally, on Fox news this past Sunday, Bush, Sr. spoke about a possible Jeb run.

… oh please god … no, no, no, no!

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2 Responses to Ann Coulter's Jaw … and Bush ad infinitim?

  1. Thank you for this info … clearly I had not read (or thought) quite enough. It sounds like pretty much political business as usual. Discouraging.


  2. boltgirl says:

    I dunno. The whole Rolando Cruz thing really soured me on Burris when I still lived in Illinois (can I post links here? if not)–basically, Burris kept pressing to execute an innocent man for a murder somebody else had already confessed to, a fact Cruz’ jury was not informed of, because Burris was up for re-election and was terrified of being labeled soft on crime. Several detectives and a few prosecutors resigned in protest. It was a nasty case. Anyway…


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