Snowy Wednesday

So how’s tricks this snowy morning?  Nearly everything in Central NH looks to be closed … except work, of course.  Off I go shortly.

But first a few tidbits, starting with Celine Dion.  Yup, Celine.  My friend Sheryl has promised to root for the Eagles if I post a video clip of Celine singing with a 16-year old phenom from the Philippines named Charice Pempengco.  I have to admit that Celine is very gracious to share the stage with this young woman who pretty much blows her right out of the water.  Amazing voice.  It’s not exactly my cup of tea – but definitely impressive – give a listen:


And here is Ellen describing Charice Pempengco’s visit to her show:


There’s lots of other Charice stuff on You Tube – if you care to explore.

Boltgirl made a comment on yesterday’s post and included a link about Roland Burris and his political ambitions – and a particularly ugly way that he appears to have played hem out back in the ’90’s.  Nothing new under the sun, I guess.  But I do now have a new rule-of-thumb for the blog … whenever I mention Celine Dion I must (on pain of excruciating and possibly life-threatening cognitive dissonance) also mention Boltgirl.  That will help keep things in balance.  (Thought about including Princess Sparkle Pony, too … but that would be too Celine-like by half.  No counter-balance there.)

US Soccer offers a retrospective in the year past … nice stuff re. Pia (who you’ll recall was NOT the secret word):

A mark of a great coach is putting players in the position to succeed. On that point, U.S. head coach Pia Sundhage certainly excelled. It can be argued that almost every regular starter on the U.S. team had, if not her best year in a National Team uniform, then certainly one of her best. Sundhage brought a new ball-possession attacking style to the U.S. team, which took a while to adapt to the change, but when it did, produced soccer that was at times as entertaining as it was successful.

Peace out – gotta go scrape the car and head to town!

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